Just Right Crew Let's Start a Just Right Movement

Our goal is simple. We want to inspire people to do what's "just right®".

Perhaps someone has done a good deed for you–how'd it feel? It probably felt pretty good and now you're inspired to pass it on.

Maybe you just want to do something that's just right for someone else to lift their spirits. No matter who you are, or why you're here, today is your chance to change the world with one simple act. Your good deed can be big or small. It can be for someone you know or for a complete stranger. You could pay the toll for someone behind you, anonymously buy a stranger's cup of coffee or take someone's carpool shift. Use your imagination! Brighten someone's day. Make a difference.

What does just right mean to you? Take a few minutes and go to our Facebook page and tell us, or better yet share a photo or story about how doing what's just right has touched your life. We hope that your story will encourage others to do the same and the Just Right Movement will explode!

Thanks for doing something that's just right.

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